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Matt And Jeff Hardy Quit TNA – Why They Should Return To WWE

The Hardy Boyz may be making a comeback to the WWE. Matt and Jeff Hardy – more recently known as the Broken One and his Brother Nero – are quitting TNA Impact Wrestling. The Tag Team Champions initially agreed, in principle, to stick around TNA. However, recent negotiations turned sour after it looked like TNA refused to relinquish creative control to the wrestlers, according to Cageside Seats. The company also reportedly wanted 10% of the profits the two made out of TNA.

With that kind of offer on the table, Matt and Jeff Hardy opted to walk away instead. The break-up was all but confirmed when Matt’s wife Reby posted a harsh couple of tweets: “I’ve said it many times: TNA was the perfect situation for our family & how I grateful I was for professionalism/open communication/respect… Now think about what kinda negative changes and straight (expletive) would have to go down for us to leave.”

The Broken Matt Hardy opted for a more amiable and thankful tweet, regarding his departure from the company:

Why Matt And Jeff Hardy Should Return To WWE

Before a strong run in TNA’s rings, Matt and Jeff Hardy – the Hardy Boyz – were some of WWE’s biggest draws. Besides building a name for themselves in the tag team division and earning a reputation for excelling in TLC matches, they also did pretty well in singles competition. Matt was an ECW World Champion at one point, and Jeff held the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championships on separate occasions.

Their departure for TNA in 2010 left a hole in the roster, one that couldn’t be replaced by any random high-flyer. The extreme nature of the Hardy Boyz was one-of-a-kind, especially when coupled with their near-poetic movement and grace.

Their return would signify a strong revolution of WWE veterans, one that was started by Brian Kendrick and Mickie James. It would create a dynamic among both Raw and SmackDown Live where new faces must take down the old guard in order to climb to the proverbial summit.

But more so than that, the reason WWE needs the Hardys is much simpler: they’re still exciting. Matt and Jeff Hardy would inject some much needed life into the tag team divisions. They’d be serious challengers against the likes of American Alpha and Anderson & Gallows. The brand split of 2016 has left much to be desired in the way of roster depth; proven talents can help plug some holes.

BREAKING NEWS: The Hardy Boyz are not resigning with TNA and are expected to sign a part time deal with WWE. Reportedly, the Hardyz will be drafted to RAW and after the draft will have a fued with Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan. #wwe #tna #hardyboyz

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Even singles competition could always use more excitement, with main eventers getting injured left and right (Seth Rollins?). Imagine Jeff claiming victory in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, and then dropping a Swanton on Kevin Owens one month later.

A Twist Of Fate

Out of the ring, the Hardys deserve a measure of respect for the way they’ve been able to turn their lives around. In the early 2010’s, they suffered separate falls from grace. Matt has a few run-ins with the law, while Jeff struggled with substance abuse and alcohol.

They’ve since torn through the road to redemption, recapturing titles at TNA and getting back in the crowd’s good graces.

Jeff once said he’d like to return to the WWE. Could it be sooner rather than later?

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