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The War on Climate Change in 2016 – The Story So Far

A retrospective into 2016 boasts of an eventful year on a crusade against climate change. Perhaps, this was just the beginning.

Climate change is an enigmatic one. The war on climate change comes right down to self-interests and here’s why. Even with the pace the change is happening, it’ll take a while before its adverse effects take a toll on humanity. The time in question here is a good few decades down the road. It’s an option to leave Earth a better place for kith and kin, else turn a blind eye towards it. The 2016 saw the former best the latter, however.

War on Climate Change: 2016

Wired reports the aftermath of UN’s Climate Change conference in Paris and establishes a ‘pivotal’ 2016. Furthermore, Paris Agreement saw several countries arrive on a common ground to control the global temperatures from rising 2˚C atop the pre-industrial stages. The gargantuan task of getting US sign an agreement to cut short its emissions was indeed the highlight of the summit.

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In the wake of Paris Agreement, China took to action and brought stern laws on green house gas emissions. US had to keep its end of the bargain and the result – Clean Power Plan. The Environmental Protection Agency’s plan by doing this was to ensure that coal plants are running in an efficient way. Failing to keep up with the norms means pulling the plug on the plant.

Come the regulations, come lobbyists! Due to plan’s contradicting nature with an earlier Clean Air Act, the matter fell on court’s premises. Irrespective of the precarious nature of the plan, 2016 marks a period when world leaders saw eye to eye on the changing climate. Paris Agreement stands till 2020, but there are questions emerging already.

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What Next?

Donald Trump, for his part, wasn’t quite a believer on the changing climate. It can be remembered that he even termed it a ‘hoax’ in the light of Paris summit. Since his triumph, he has taken a rather upbeat approach on the issue. Needless to say, he might be party to the Paris agreement too. One can argue otherwise, ’cause hey, it’s Trump we’re talking about all right!

On a serious note, 2016 was remarkable – for it saw one of the largest emitters in US come forward to make amends. One can only hope that the change in political spectrum doesn’t pose a hindrance to the developments so far.

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