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Syrian Civil War: Government Has Aleppo; IS Gets Palmyra

Syrian Civil War shows no signs of cessation anytime soon. There is room for some optimism, however.

President Bashar al-Assad seems pretty resolute in his attempt to ward off the rebel groups. Thanks to Russian intervention, he is not far away from his goal. The latest reports have it that the government controls 93 percent of Aleppo. Needless to say, the development envisages that the Syrian Civil War is turning in Assad’s favor.

Syrian Civil War: The Story So Far

The inability of the U.S. and Russia to see eye to eye is proving too dear to the President. Not to mention, his affinity towards Moscow. While Russian warplanes are going berserk in Syria, US has humanitarian concerns. The irony, however, is America’s disregard to the same cause when their planes did the same job. Funny how diplomacy works!

On a slightly different note, the taking of Aleppo means peace in the historic city. The civil war has not only took around 3,00,000 lives so far, but also made millions homeless. Russians are taking no prisoners, while Americans are taking a step back. In addition to their growing animosity towards each other, there’s a joint meeting coming up too.

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Geneva will host a Russian delegation to discuss the measures to control the hostilities. This, however, might not go well with the Russians. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, on the other hand, contemplates a satisfactory outcome from the Geneva meeting. All things aside, it’s imperative how the negotiations go down. It will have direct impact on people’s lives and the aftermath of the Syrian Civil War.

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The Aftermath

Jihadists are showing no signs of retreat too. After a fierce battle on Sunday, IS fighters retook Palmyra from army’s clutches. This is likely another bump in the road for Assad in the wake of Aleppo success. Reuters reports on the current status of Palmyra and things look bleak, of course.

It was perhaps in May 2015 when IS first laid hands on Palmyra. Assad had no choice but to lean on Russians during such a perilous times. In the wake of Russian entry into the war, IS had major setback indeed. One simply cannot deny Russia’s immediate impact on the crisis in contrast to America’s long-time efforts.

Under the circumstances, Geneva meeting will decide the fate of Syria. Americans want Russia to take it slow, but Russians have an agenda of their own. Assad is in agreement too. Hope, the political tussle doesn’t get the better of Syria’s right for a peaceful future.

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