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Syrian Civil War Update: Aleppo Battle Ends; Rebels Take the Deal

Syrian Civil War is showing all signs of cessation after the retake of Aleppo. What is in store for Syria in the aftermath?

After a joint incursions on the rebels by the Syrian government and Russian forces, Aleppo battle ends. Russian representative to UN, Vitaly Churkin, has confirmation in the matter. Earlier reports had it that 93 percent of Aleppo was under government’s clutches. Latest reports from BBC shed light on the complete takeover of the ancient city from the rebels. This marks a milestone in the Syrian Civil War after years of struggle, of course.

Syrian Civil War: One Step Closer to Peace

The condition of the Aleppo resident was beyond heart-wrenching for the most part since 3-4 years. The tussle between Assad and the rebels took its toll on the citizens. Many lost lives, loved ones and property in ways that are best left to imagination. Not to mention, some were never found. They rest among the ruins and the rubble, mostly dead.

United States and UN are voicing their concerns over the atrocities by the government towards the citizens. That comes as no surprise, thanks to Russian hand. Furthermore, UN spokespersons are asserting that Assad’s government and Russia have blood on their hands. UN almost certainly doesn’t like the way the government is operating.

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On the brighter side, taking of Aleppo means a great deal for the government. Aleppo has both financial and historical importance and peace is back in the region. Reports suggest that the Rebels took the evacuation deal and are keeping their end of the bargain. Civilians, on the other hand, have the opportunity to move to safer places too.

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The Concern

In contrast to peace restoration, some civilians are still in a state of distraught. Many have come to face the bitter truths of the battle after months of staying inconspicuous. In addition to that, some have apprehensions about what the future holds. This is due to the recent capture of Palmyra by the IS militants.

Assad has a gargantuan task ahead of him to safeguard the peace and keep the battle going. Rebels are least of his problems in comparison to what the IS can pose. Besides, he has to protect the civilians’ interest and rights too. Syrian Civil War will soon fade away, but the civilians won’t forgive Assad for his cynicism. The war goes on.

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