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Sand Storm, Drought and Heat: Sudan’s Climate Change Story

The politicians around the world may prefer to turn a blind eye towards the climate change, but it’s real. Sudan is a testament to the fact.

Temperatures soar, pressure drops and then the ‘Haboob’ comes. The humongous cloud of sand/dust strikes the villages and before long, villages falter and crops fail. This isn’t a post-apocalyptic movie plot, but routine life in Sudan. Thanks to climate change, life is unimaginable in the North African country.

Climate Change Effects on Sudan

Firstly, the temperature is increasing drastically in Northern parts of Africa. If the trend continues, it will mean fatal to life forms in the region. In addition to that, sand storm ‘Haboob’ is showing no signs of retreat. Turns out, it’s slowly becoming a frequent scenario in parts of Sudan.

CNN has an exclusive report from a scientist who has some bad news about the developments in Sudan. According to him, the region will soon turn uninhabitable. Furthermore, the effects might come to light in Morocco and in turn appear in Saudi Arabia too. According to the statistical analysis, the temperature is likely to increase by 2°C in Sudan by 2060.

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World Food Programme [WFP]

The crux here doesn’t limit itself to the temperature rise, of course. It stretches to food insecurities which puts the Sudanese people’s lives in jeopardy. WFP, on the other hand, has some downbeat opinion on the future of Sudan. The way things stand, the country is heading for a severe downfall.

Rains are sparse and sporadic in the region too. This in turn is posing a threat to the crops, resulting in a drought. Food is a privilege and water is no exception. Sudan government is doing its best to tackle the ongoing crisis, but there isn’t much they can do, however. Climate change is taking its toll and happening, now, as we speak.

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Initiatives such as The Great Green Wall is coming into prominence and gaining momentum. Despite a long shot, it has the potential to make a difference. All things aside, the crisis requires a global attention. It’s important to see eye to eye with the problem and arrive on a common ground. A common ground to make a difference and protect the ecosystem.

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