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Global Orgasm: Too Quaint and Righteous All the Same

Don’t jump the gun here. Global Orgasm is an idea that blend physical activity and climax with a cause as profound as Global Peace. No, seriously!

Activist couple, Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell, came up with a rather outlandish idea for World Peace in 2006. The annual event of Global Orgasm is around December 22, during which there is a 24-hour window to do the ‘deed’. This time, however, along with the orgasm there’s World Peace to think of!

Global Orgasm: Eighth Year

The event is in its eighth year now, due to the founders’ hiatus in 2009. Since then, it is a ‘thing’, turns out. As offbeat as it comes, it’s agenda stands for a greater cause, nonetheless. While sex is an integral part of life, the event encourages participants to give a thought about Peace. Once they reach climax, of course!

Additionally, the project has affiliations with the Global Consciousness Project [GCP] too. The yearly event is organized under the Global Orgasm website run by the founders. Important to understand the symbolic side of the project that contemplates awareness as the sole objective.

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The project is similar to a Norwegian project, F–k For Forest, which stands for the conservation of rain forests. The World Orgasm project, however, is way mellow in comparison to the Norwegian one. As fundamental as sex transpires, it’s indeed linked to a higher state of being. Far behind the precincts of plain lust and a mundane activity.

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The Bigger Picture

For what it’s worth, the event is embarking on the eighth year and gaining popularity as the years go. Irrespective of its impact on Peace, it’s making a bold statement on the gravity of the cause. Peace is not an option anymore, but a necessity that defeats the rancor between nations.

The World Orgasm campaign is doing nothing but contributing to the cause within the four walls! The World peace excuse is once-in-a-year, so might as well make the best of it. Now go on, hurry up and inform the partners about the cause and get on with business. Y’all know the drill!

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