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A Very Donald Trump Christmas to You all!

The President-elect Donald Trump is at his Twitter diplomacy again. This time it involves Nuclear, however.

Just as most predicted on the Nuclear developments, Donald Trump came through. Moreover, he did so with his usual tenacity and Twitter! He subtly tweets in the Eleventh hour about the necessity to develop nuclear capabilities. Besides, he readily adds that the developments should go on till the World comprehends “Nukes”! It’s really happening, isn’t it?

Donald Trump: Nuclear Announcement

In the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech on the military objectives for the upcoming year, Trump tweets his response. While Putin contemplates strengthening the nuclear capabilities, Trump’s response was uncalled for. Not through Twitter, at least. The tweet is causing uproar in various circles and premonitions are on the rise.

The think tank isn’t merely concerned with the content of the tweet, but the medium itself. When someone has a say on close to 7000 nuclear warheads, it’s important to handle it diligently. Donald, on the other hand, took no time to make his positions clear. Putin and Trump were seemingly on the same page, but recent developments points otherwise.

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The President-elect will soon become the 45th President of US and he’s making questionable decisions already. With the impending Christmas and New Year, his reckless tweets are definitely killing the festive vibes. While his concerns about the global Nuclear proliferation is genuine, his unconventional response is raising a few eyebrows.

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Nukes: Global Status

Donald Trump is in talks with his advisers on a potential makeover of ‘triad’ – a total attack package of ballistic missiles, submarines and bombers. Projects such as this not only creates room for international tensions, but also weighs heavily on the budget. Turns out, the total cost might reach a whopping 1 Trillion Dollars over 30 years.

Trump made his Nuclear stance abundantly clear in his campaigns and he’s merely sticking to his end of the bargain. Needless to say, these festive times were better off without such developments. Call it a Trump-Christmas and have a drink. Not to mention, stay off Twitter too!

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