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Donald Trump and Russia: The No-Love-Lost Story

In the times as perilous as these, Donald Trump and Russia are building bridges in their relationship. What does this mean in the grand scheme of things?

If one thing the President-elect wasn’t ambivalent in the past three decades, it’s his stance on Russia. Dating back to the ’80s, the Businessman was conspicuously appreciative of Kremlin throughout. Donald Trump and Russia connection not only makes for an interesting read, but also paints a picture of future.

Donald Trump and Russia: Real-estate Connection

Trump, in his book The Art of the Deal, talks volumes of Russia’s business potential. Not to mention, this was around 1986, when the Soviet Union and US weren’t quite on the same page. Donald and the then Soviet Ambassador Yuri Dubinin had a lunch and nearly cut a business deal. Turns out, Yuri’s daughter knew of Trump Towers and that was enough to break the ice!

Needless to say, the talk culminated to a proposal to build a luxury hotel, yards away from Kremlin. Furthermore, Donald was star-struck with Russian way of business and soon took a liking towards them. Although the plan didn’t materialize, the appreciation didn’t deteriorate. Trump and his ex wife Ivana went all the way to Russia to analyze the prospect of putting a building there.

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The Russian affair came calling ten years down the road, yet again. General Alexander Lebed and Donald met at Trump Towers and the talk soon took a real-estate course. In addition to mutual exchange of gifts, Trump was left in awe of Lebed’s no-nonsense disposition. While he was looking for real-estate venture, he was constantly in critical of US’s stance against Russia.

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Miss Universe and Putin

Donald got into a joint venture to build skyscrapers in Florida with the New York based Bayrock Group run by Russians. Such was his admiration for the Russians that he took his Miss Universe Pageant to Moscow too. Perhaps, it was during that occasion when he first came clean with his affinity for Putin.

Donald Trump and Russia doesn’t end there, of course. The President-elect gave kudos to Putin in the latter’s intervention in Syria too. Donald’s pro-Russia views came under severe backlash during the campaign, but not enough to change his views. Under the circumstances, it’s safe to hope for a new state-of-the-art relationship between the two countries.

Putin is likely to entertain the idea of a longtime admirer as an ally too. From Washington, With Love is perhaps, something of an apt name for the deal Putin is getting!

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