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Berlin Attack: The Polish Man

In a shocking turn of events, a ghastly attack was conducted in Berlin killing innocent civilians at the Christmas market. The attack left at least 12 innocent lives dead and another 48 injured. The perpetrator of the Berlin attack is still at large and investigations have intensified.

The attacker apparently hijacked the truck driven by a Polish citizen identified as Lukasz Urban, 37. Urban worked for the company that owns that truck that was used in the “terrorist attack”. He was found with a swollen and bloodied face in the passenger’s seat of the truck cabin.

Berlin Attack: What Do We Know About The Polish Truck Driver?

1. He was found injured inside the truck used for the attack

Lukasz Urban was found injured inside the truck. The owner of the truck company and Urban’s cousin Ariel Zurawski said, “His face was swollen and bloodied. It was really clear that he was fighting for his life.” The owner also adds that unfortunately ,Urban was at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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2. Urban’s Family

Urban’s family includes his wife and 18-year-old son.

3. Urban’s co-workers statements

The deceased truck driver’s co-workers say that he would not have given up easily on his truck. He would have fought for his life if he was being attacked. The company’s manager Lukasz Wasik says, “I believe he would not give up the vehicle and would defend [it] to the end if it were attacked.” The manager also called him a “good,” “quiet,” and an “honest person devoted to his work.”

4. Urban’s Whereabouts Minutes Before Death

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It seems that the attacker overpowered Urban and shot him with a small caliber gun. Urban was on his way to ThyssenKrupp to deliver his consignment. However, he was asked to come the next day. In the meantime, he spoke to his cousin and said he wanted to have kebab sandwiches.

5. Last Seen Pictures Of The Victim

Last seen pictures of the Berlin Attack victim was in a kebab shop around 2 p.m. He also called his wife around 3 p.m. but she couldn’t answer. When she returned his call in one hour, the phone was “just silent, silent”, reports The Guardian. His cousin and Truck Company’s owner Ariel Zurawski realized something was amiss when the GPS of the truck seemed odd at around 03:45 p.m.

Zurawski said that the vehicle was being driven erratically “as if someone was learning to drive”. The truck crashed into the Christmas market a few hours later. The German interior minister, Karl-Heinz Schröter, disclosed that the driver Lukasz Urban was a victim and not an attacker in the Berlin Attack.

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