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Xbox One Latest News: Continued Sales Dominance in October

With the Wii U failing to make a good impression in terms of sales to make a competition, Xbox One continues its dominance in October trailing after the PlayStation 4.

At least that is what the sales record is telling for the full month of October in regions “U.S., U.K., and Australia,” as stated by Microsoft according to IGN.

Not only did the sales for the Xbox One dominate its competitors for that particular month, previous records also suggest that the Microsoft console had been in dominance for a few to several months now, depending on the region.

For instance, the sales in the U.S. indicate a dominance for 4 consecutive months, including October’s. On the other hand, both the U.K. and Australian sales of the same platform had been dominating for 2 months straight.

But this is only speaking of home console sales. Considering other consoles, the Microsoft gaming platform is trailed behind by the sales of the Nintendo 3DS as the top-selling console as of July records.

As it appears, however, it is more than just the console itself that is pushing the sales to consumers. In both the U.S. and the U.K. alone, the sales for the current generation Xbox platform is rising because of game titles like Battlefield One and the platform-exclusive title, Gears of War 4.

Corroborating to this notion is the fact that Microsoft has seen an influx in the number of players who play multiplayer on Xbox Live. The increase is by as much as 50 percent in numeration in comparison to the previous year’s record based on the same duration.

However, as per Destructoid, Microsoft did not disclose any definitive number to justify the claims. But the company is firm with the notion.

With the holiday already nearing, Microsoft is expecting to maintain the Xbox One’s dominance in sales as it launches the so-called holiday bundles which tie in games to the console like Minecraft and FIFA as added options to the previous two.

Photo reference: Flickr user Global Panorama

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