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Video Game Sequels: The Well-Known and the Not-So-Lucky

Video game sequels — Having an outstanding performance for an original composition, whether its a novel, movie, or video games, does not guarantee that a part 2 will also make a hit. However, there are chances that the sequel is better than the first one, making that first installment a lesson learned or a trial and error game.

Well-known Video Game Sequels

There are a handful of video games that are well-known even for non-gamers. These are the games that surpassed time and survived the critical judgement of gamers all over the world. Some of these video games have sequels, which everyone loves to play up to now.

One the most famous games with a sequel is the Final Fantasy which was first released in 1987 yet the company behind it is still making and selling sequels up to now, in fact the game is on its 15th sequel plus a movie. It seems like it will never have a ‘final’ Final Fantasy.

The other game that most probably all millenials know and played is The Sims. This video game makes us feel like we are hanging out with friends but in a virtual world. Players create a perfect world with perfect people. It’s also like playing the role of a fairy godmother because you grant the sims’ desires and make them live in beautiful houses.

Meanwhile, Pokemon is also another favorite, it even made gamers get some sunshine and mingle with other people in real life by playing its Pokemon Go franchise. These are just some of the ones that made pretty good video game sequels.

The Not-So-Lucky Sequels?

Nowadays, from a very wide selection of video games, having a sequel does not give the game a sure spot on top. Sometimes though, the sequel does get it on top even if the first did not. One of the games that has a better part 2 is Watch Dogs 2, where it drastically surpassed the number of copies sold compared to its first edition.

On the other hand, Titan 2 did not get the same fate as Watch Dogs 2, it did  bad on the market and on its in-game performance. It is now sold for half of its original price even if it was just released this year.


It doesn’t actually matter whether you like the video game sequels better or the original one. Whether it’s a fantasy series or a real life-like story, as long as you’ re enjoying the game go and play it!

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