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The Last Of Us 2 Release Date: On Ellie’s Pregnancy; Druckmann Shares Creative Process

Naughty Dog’s hit video game The Last Of Us 2 is underway, and fans cannot wait to get more updates. Interestingly, creator Neil Druckmann recently revealed what plans he has for the game. Though a release date has yet to be confirmed, speculations are rife about the game’s story. With Ellie older, rumor has it that she could be pregnant. How will this affect the game considering its in a post-apocalyptic setting? What other things are we going to see when the second installment comes out? Read on to find out more!

The Last Of Us 2 Release Date, Storyline: Is Ellie Pregnant?

Games Radar mentions that  the sequel to the popular post-apocalyptic title could feature Ellie pregnant. When the trailer was dropped late last year, fans saw a scene where Ellie’s back was turned against the camera further fueling this rumor. Speculations started when an image of Ellie, where it look like she had a baby bump, made rounds online. This comic cover was apparently found as an Easter egg in Uncharted 4.

When the comic cover was released, people wondered if that was Ellie’s mother instead. However, it could really just be Ellie seeing as no backstory about her family was mentioned in the previous game. While Ellie is immune to the whole infection, no other reports claimed that her immunity would be passed on to her baby IF she is indeed pregnant.

Those who played the first game very much know that Ellie is gay. So could this mean that she is not pregnant after all? Besides, there was no potential male member around her age if you talk about survival and procreating set in a post-apocalyptic scenario. To date, nothing has been confirmed so we’ll have to wait and see. These new updates do pose as an interesting take, though!

The Last Of Us American Daughters Cover

The Last Of Us 2 Release Date: Neil Druckmann Shares Creative Experience

Meanwhile, Dual Shockers reports how The Last Of Us 2 director Neil Druckmann goes about telling a story and translating it into a game. During the DICE Summit 2017, Druckmann, who also co-directed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End shared how he writes his games. He discussed his creative process, saying how he first needs to know the major beats of the story and its arc. Once that’s settled, he works on a multitude of index cards, throwing ideas at the wall, and keeping those that’s vital to his story.

He goes on to say how his ideas and outlines are first laid out, before any scene of the game is worked on. He then gathers the development team together and they talk about the aesthetic, feel, and the direction the story will head to. The whole planning session is recorded so that game engineers can refer to it any time.

As it seems, Druckmann’s creative process is a formula for winning. Apart from Uncharted, Naughty Dog has been producing bestselling titles that gamers have praised then on.

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