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The Last of Us 2 Release Date: Has Ellie Gone Mad, SPOILER ALERT!

Sony just recently showed a teaser trailer for The Last of Us 2 during Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2016 and we are squeezing out every bit of information that we could get from the staff and the trailer. Even though the earliest possible release date for this game in 2018, The Last of Us sequel has been long overdue.

Naughty Dogs director and writer Neil Druckmann gave us a little bit of vital information about the upcoming game. Unlike the first game, The Last of Us 2 has Ellie as the main player. The story takes place six years after the first game and Ellie is now 19-years-old.

Ellie’s Revenge against the Fireflies

Neil Druckmann revealed that the game sequel is about hate, the opposite of the first which was about love and selflessness between the two characters, Joel and Ellie. “I’m gonna find and I’m gonna kill every last one of them,” says Ellie as she looks at the man at the door recognized as Joel.

Ellie’s last statement says something about her plan to kill the Fireflies gang. The beginning of the trailer shows a house deep in the forest with the Fireflies symbol at the trail. Dead bodies and pools of blood were shown on the floor as Joel walked through the house to find Ellie.

The Last of Us 2: Joel is dead, Ellie is mad

The Last of Us ended with a lot of questions unanswered especially about what happened to Tommy, Joel, and Ellie. In the teaser trailer, we see major changes in Ellie’s character. She has a very serious demeanor, a lot of ink on her arm, bloodied knuckles, and a trembling hand.

Joel, however, was very different from Ellie. He looks more relaxed and very, very clean. Another thing we noticed about Joel is that he let Ellie take control of their path. “You sure you wanna go through with this, kiddo?” Joel asked after Ellie finished singing in a bedroom.

Joel’s question could be a clue that he actually no longer exists. He became a figment of Ellie’s imagination and acts like her conscience, even though he doesn’t really influence much of Ellie’s decisions. As to how Joel died, a lot of things could have happened in that six-year time skip. Joel could have been killed by the Fireflies which explains Ellie’s want for revenge.

Watch out for more The Last of Us 2 updates.

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