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Supercell Clash of Clans Updates Leak: Hog Rider VR, Gem Mining, and More!

We know you are all anticipating on the new Supercell Clash of Clans Updates and so are we! Fans all around the world want to know even the tiniest bit of information about this December update and we’re bringing you all the possible and confirmed updates.

Supercell Clash of Clans Updates were given back in October and we have seen major changes like the upgrade costs and time reduced, and new troop and defense levels. Although this update was a month later than the promised September update, it was all well worth the wait. Some fans, however, are skeptic that the December update might be moved to January 2017.

Hog Rider Virtual reality is a possibility

After releasing the youtube video of Hog Rider 360, fans are speculating that this will be a major addition to the new update as the said video is captioned, “Hog Rider Virtual reality is here.” Meanwhile, the Air Defense is also said to be updated and will give users more flexibility in their attack. Aside from that, purchasing a Red King Statue will gift players a Red Barbarian King and a Red Barbarian Archer Queen.

Free Gem Mining to be expected and more!

This December, Supercell Clash of Clans Updates have been leaked and although some are not confirmed yet, we are already excited to see some interesting new additions like confirmed Shipwreck that is circulating online. It is also said players will be rewarded with 50,000 with every repaired ship.

Alas! Free gem mining is to be expected in the Supercell Clash of Clan Updates team of 2016 which comes as a reward after a certain number of shipwreck repaired. This task is said to most probably last for three to five days. A one-month free gem mining will be given to the user and after that, the free gem trial period will revert back to the original settings.

SuperCell Clash of Clans Updates to topple down Pokemon Go

These exciting updates and the 2016 updates team going all out is aimed to topple down the Clash of Clans’ biggest competition, the Pokemon Go. The said update is rumored to be released o December 1 but we just have to wait and see as SuperCell is keeping their silence on the subject.


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