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Steam Winter Sale 2016 Starts on Dec. 22 – Get All The Details Here!

Steam Winter Sale 2016 — Every year, PC gamers all over the world rejoice during the holidays. Apart from the traditional gift giving, everyone’s attention is focused on Steam. Fortunately, this year’s winter sale has been confirmed to happen on Dec. 22.

While the list of games to go on sale have not yet been released, speculations on which titles that could offer huge discounts have been made. Read on to learn more and why you should get your wallets and your sanity ready because Steam Winter Sale 2016 is really happening in a few hours!

Steam Winter Sale 2016: What to expect from this year’s sale

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A few hours back, Paypal UK confirmed that the much-awaited winter sale is really happening. The tweet even sounded like a familiar Game of Thrones line, which could probably mean Telltale’s Game of Thrones may go on sale this year. Last year, the sale offered massive discounts on “thousands of games and software,” while there were also Winter Sale-themed trading cards available exclusively during the sale period. Last year, Steam Winter Sale also happened on Dec. 22.

However, a list of games available for this year’s winter sale hasn’t been announced yet as Steam has not yet notified the community from their end. Reports say that this year’s winter sale will happen from Dec. 22 to Jan. 2.

Speculations are still rife with what games could possibly be more affordable when the sale comes in. Titles such as Tom Clancy’s The DivisionSid Meier’s Civilization 6, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are still on many people’s wishlists to purchase before the year ends.

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Steam Winter Sale 2016: Steam’s previous sale events

On a tangent, another report from PC Mag notes that Steam’s previous sales were very successful. In fact, during the Halloween sale and the Autumn sale, games were slashed up to 90% off its original price. This is why many people are hopeful that the winter sale will offer the same discounts.

Last month, Steam’s Thanksgiving sale included many popular titles including Grand Theft Auto V and Civilization V. Discounts were offered an all-time high of 92% off on lesser known titles and even introduced the concept of player-nominated video game awards.

The nominations end on Dec. 22, the same day that voting is set to begin. Some of the categories worth mentioning are “Just 5 More Minutes,” for titles that get players hooked on for long playing hours, as well as “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” for indie video game titles.

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