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SAO PS4 PSVita Hollow Realization Fighters of The Blues Sky Shows What The Anime Forgot

SAO PS4 PSVita update Fighters of the Blue Sky released by Bandai Namco from its game Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization may be what the fans need from their SAO cravings.

The update features 20 hours of an additional story or 70 hours if the side elements were included.

SAO PS4 PSVita New Update Not Ready Yet For PSVita?

The new update may look nice but according to some users, the PSVita release needs a proper fix. Fortunately, the update includes bug fixes for the balance/nerf patches. The team in charge of the update may have tried to meet their 2016 deadline which explains the bugs and glitches in the PSVita update.

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Hollow Realization Fighters of the Blue Sky Features

The new update features the Lost Song Characters Rain and Seven. The game gathered positive reviews since its release and the obvious efforts in making the game resulted in a highly detailed gameplay. Hollow Realization combined visual novel and MMO and then sets in the world Ainground.

Unlike the anime, Kirito and the other players could play in the virtual world without the risk of dying in the real world. The anime, however, focused on the romance between Asuna and Kirito which made its action lackluster. In the game, hours and hours of gameplay focused on accomplishing tasks and character interactions.

Visual Novel Non-Players May Not Enjoy SAO: Hollow Realization

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SAO: Hollow Realization features its visual novel-like gameplay but MMO players may not like this idea. Visual novels mean that the player will have minutes and hours of pure dialogues with the characters in 2D animation. Interactions with characters will affect the character’s statistics, thus having an effect on how the character performs.

Most users complain about the slow pacing of the game’s story. A review from IGN said that the underlying nuances barely produced meaning or the side elements made coherent. Despite this little downside, the game still manages to earn praises from most users.

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