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Resident Evil 7 Leaks: Why Biohazard is So Much Better Than 6

Resident Evil 7 will be out on Jan. 24 and fans are already excited for the game’s release. It features a new cast, including a new protagonist. It will also feature a different kind of excitement compared to the other Resident Evil installments.

Officially known as Resident Evil: Biohazard, the game features an ordinary man named Ethan Winters. For three years, Winters believed that his wife Mia was dead. However, he got a message that implies his wife is still alive. He sets on a journey to look for her and he must battle all kinds of evil so he can reunite with her.

Resident Evil 7: Why It’s Better than 6

Players Can Relate To The Protagonist

In the past games, the protagonists of Resident Evil almost always have superhuman-like abilities. The series is known for guns and gore, especially in Resident Evil 6. However, Biohazard strips down all of that. First off, the protagonist is an ordinary man. Ethan is no way like Chris Redfield. He is just a man trying to find his wife and rescue her from the horrors that trapped her.

Minimal Guns But Upgraded Scare

As reported by EurogamerResident Evil 7 will have less guns. The player has access to various weapons but the ammunition is limited. There will also be herbs for healing and typewriter tapes to save the player’s progress in the game.

However, the trailers from the upcoming game show that this installment will have a lot of scary factors. It will be almost like playing Silent Hill, except that it is in the first person perspective. The antagonist of the game, the Baker family, happens to be cannibals. Trailers show that these people eat human body parts. Add the crumbly house that is full of mysteries and secrets that God (and Capcom) only knows what they are.

A Balance Of Old And New

Fans have high hopes for Resident Evil 7. Although the game was a canon from the rest of Resident Evil games, fans are expecting that Biohazard will be better, especially with the shift into first-person perspective and a brand new cast. Now the question looms: Will Ethan manage to save Mia? Or will he be eaten by the Baker family?

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