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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ on Switch: A Must for the Console to Sell Well

Recalling of the Wii U’s grim performance in the market due to poor third-party developer support, Research Analyst Michael Pachter cites release of Red Dead Redemption 2 as critical for Nintendo Switch’s success.

According to GamingBolt, Pachter said it is imperative for Nintendo to get good third-party developer support like Rockstar’s were it to survive the fierce market of the gaming industry.

As an analyst with pessimism in tow with his judgments, Pachter claims that Nintendo’s second attempt at trying “to be different” with the Nintendo Switch has “failed.” This is in line with the research analyst’s perception of the Switch being a console yet to be embraced by third-party developers.

Still using the earlier believed prototype name NX, Michael Pachter claimed that he does not see the console getting successful without support from many game developers similar to the ill-fated Nintendo Wii U did.

Like previously stated, Pachter explicitly suggests Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima of inviting over big companies like Rockstar, particularly with their upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 working title for the Switch. In addition, he also mentioned of other big franchises such as the Madden, FIFA, and Call of Duty which he believed would also be contributive to Switch’s phenomenal success.

As it appears, making Switch’s library to be composed of mostly Nintendo titles is foreseen to be problematic for the company, as per Pachter.

While that may be true, the existing line-up of third-party developers that pledged to support the upcoming Nintendo console has been pretty good so far with companies such as Bethesda, Ubisoft, 2K, Activision, and EA making the early roster.

Meanwhile, as per, Nintendo Switch is already confirmed for release some time in March next year but would not be officially announced until January beforehand. Until then, the news about Red Dead Redemption 2 making its way to Nintendo Switch can wait.

Photo reference: YouTube via Nintendo UK

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