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PS Plus Free Games December: Get These Games This Holiday Season

Sony has yet to announce the PS Plus free games December 2016 lineup but the fans seem excited to know more about the list.  This is no surprise, though, as PlayStation Plus is a popular program that allows its subscribers access to popular free games. Ever since PlayStation Plus was launched last June 2010, loyal PlayStation fans have enjoyed exclusive content and upcoming games. Even though there is still a week left, fans have come up with their own predictions on what games will make it to the list.

Speculations: What will Sony feature for next month?

The hype has been going strong ever since Sony released the list of free games for November. The list included “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture”, “Dirt 3”, “The Deadly Tower of Monsters”, and “Costume Quest 2” among others. According to, the predicted games include “Unravel”, “Dying Light” and even the “The Walking Dead: Michonne”. With the upcoming release of “The Walking Dead: Season 3”, including Michonne can be a good move to increase the hype of the Walking Dead fans.

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An article from GameNGuide also provided a list of possible free games next month. The upcoming game “Gravity Rush 2” is rumored to be included even though it is yet to be released on January 20. However, its demo version was offered for free for Japanese subscribers, making it a potential game to be offered next month to promote the title. Another anticipated game is “Wolfenstein: The New Order”. Its sequel is set to launch on late 2017 but there is a possibility for it to be included in the December lineup as promotion for the Wolfenstein games.

A way to promote the next installment

Based on the predictions, Sony could releasing original games just before the launch of their sequels as a means of promotion. The listed games may be only hypothetical but it is suggested that Sony will finalize the announcement at the end of the week. And if the Sony PS Plus Free Games December 2016 announcement too long of a wait for you, consider checking out Sony’s Black Friday deals.

What games do you think will Sony include for next month’s roster? Stick around for more updates about the PS Plus Free Games December 2016 lineup!


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