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Pokemon Sun And Moon: Four Reasons Why It Is The Weirdest Game of 2016

Pokemon Sun and Moon is one of the most successful game releases of 2016. It also may well be the weirdest game this year. If you think werewolves or vampire/human pairings are weird, wait till you play the game.


Pokemon Sun and Moon fans were ‘scandalized’ after leaks prior to the release of the game hinted that there are Pokemon/human pairings in the game. One popular example was a girl the main character met while going around Alola. During their conversation, she was gushing about this wonderful guy she met. She also said that she’s going to go on a date with him. As they were talking a rumble can be heard in the background. When the camera pans, it showed a beefed-up Pokemon ala Johnny Bravo and the girl introduced him to the main character.


The game is also catered to kids but recently, a lot of players have tweeted how the game was filled with sexual innuendos – some are obvious and some are not. One scene shows an older woman talking to your character, who is a minor, and telling him how hot it is and she wants to be doused by a water-type Pokemon. In another scene, you get to talk to a woman in a yellow bikini who tells you how difficult it is to get Pokeballs from her bikini.

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If you think Pokemon monsters are cute, think again. They might be cute physically but they are as scary as the serial killer next door. Take for example Kadabra. This psychic type Pokemon is actually a deformed child who woke up one day transformed into this beast. Then there’s Drowzee who declared that children’s dreams are sweeter than nectar. How about Banette who used to be an abandoned plush doll transformed into a Pokemon. She/He will always remind you that she/he is your constant reminder of how sad your life is.


The creepy old guy in Pokemon Sun and Moon made waves when he suddenly made an appearance hiding behind an equally eerie totem in the Alola Trail. What makes him creepy is his very nerdy appearance as if he is up to something. Then, he keeps on talking about that siren song playing in his head.

So if you think Pokemon Sun and Moon is a cute little children’s game, you might see it again in another light after reading this.

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