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Pokémon GO Update: New Gen 2 Pokémon Available; Niantic Struggling To Keep Players [Rumors]

Pokémon GO updates have finally arrived, bringing with it a surprise for players who have supported the game since it first came out. The updates include a new startup screen as well as a new Pokémon that players will get when they hatch them from eggs. While the game became popular in a short amount of time, would the recent update help get more people to play the game?

Pokémon GO update: New Pokémon added to the mix!

Many Pokémon fans waited for Niantic’s supposedly “big announcement” that promised a new Pokémon in the game. Thanks to the latest update, you can now capture Pichu, Togepi, and “several more select Gen 2 Pokémon.”

However, the same update also upsets some fans, after finding out that these Pokémons won’t actually appear in the wild and can ONLY be hatched from eggs in Pokéstops. Moreover, Niantic did not specify how many new Pokémons are being added to the game.

On a lighter note, a report from Heavy reveals that a special Christmas Pikachu will appear in the wild over the next few weeks, up until Dec. 29. The festive electric Pokémon will be wearing a Santa hat to celebrate the holidays and Niantic urges users to share a photo of them with the hashtag #HolidayPikachu when you take it to social media.

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Pokémon GO update: Niantic’s attempt to ‘revive’ interest?

When the game came out, everyone across the globe couldn’t wait to download the app. However, BBC notes that currently, Pokémon GO is actually facing a “battle” to reinvigorate the gaming phenomenon. In fact, the augmented-reality game’s popularity has “waned” since its launch in July as it fell from the top of the app charts. Apparently, the clamor for it dwindled.

The same publication explained how game downloads sharply dropped. “Falling from 79 million in July to less than 10 million,” revealed the data from mobile tracker Apptopia.

Jack Kent, a mobile analyst from IHS Market also said how some players “found the core gameplay lacking,” leading to the game’s unsteady ability to keep people playing the game. Perhaps the succeeding game updates must have more in scope and must strike a balance between getting the rare pokémons in the wild vs monotonously just hatching them from eggs.

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Pokémon GO update: The game *is* ‘limited’?

At the moment, many  would agree that the gameplay is somehow “limited.” Niantic should bring a PVP-type of feature like battling your friends in-game. That would probably help Pokémon reach better heights in the long run.

As a former Pokémon GO player myself, the new update does not make me want to re-install the game on my phone, but I’m keeping my options open.

Merry Christmas, trainers!

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