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Pokemon GO Sprint Team up Adds More Than 10K Locations, 100 Gen 2 Pokemon

Pokemon GO is still very much part of the game. In fact, Niantic has announced that they are teaming up with Sprint. Along with that team up comes an additional 10,500 new Pokestops.


Pokemon GO occupied the top spot for a few weeks after its launch in July. However, it was bested by Clash Royale after it failed to deliver the updates fans need. After a while, the magic of AR began to fade as there’s nothing much to do other than catching Pokemon.

Now, Niantic looks like it wants to claim the throne again with new and exciting updates coming. It has given a trickle of insignificant updates in the past but with the introduction of Ditto, there was renewed interest in the game.

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Recently, it has announced that it is teaming up with Sprint, its first ever major sponsor. The team-up will bring around 10,500 new locations and gyms all over the United States. Some of those Pokestops will be Radioshack stores, Boost Mobile, and Sprint offices. Aside from that, Sprint is also offering players free charging in their offices.

This will give players a chance to easily get Razzies, Pokeballs, and other items. Along with the announcement, Niantic also said that it will be adding Gen 2 Pokemon to its existing roster.

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Niantic has just tweeted and advised Pokemon GO trainers to wait for further announcements on December 12. This gets in line with rumors that it is adding 100 new Pokemon monsters to the game. There is also a possibility that it could be adding Legendaries.

However, adding Gen 2 Pokemon might spell trouble for Niantic unless they have the proper back up for that. As of the moment, there are still several issues with the game that Niantic has to address, such as a broken tracking system if you are outside the major cities.

That announcement had kept fans excited but it soon fizzled out when the tracking system had a lot of issues. The same thing can happen with Gen 2 Pokemon should Niantic introduce it all of a sudden. If that happens and interest in the game dies down, will they be able to attract them back again? Thus, this is a very crucial time for Niantic and Pokemon GO.

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