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Pokémon GO India: Game Launches in India, Thanks to Niantic!

Some thought that they will never come to see the official release of Pokémon GO India. Now they are walking around with one!

Enough with the crack already! Perhaps, that’s what every Pokémon fan in India is thinking right now. The wait is over and Pokémon GO India finally comes to see the light of the day. Niantic is entering a partnership with Indian network carrier, Reliance Jio, for the release. All things aside, fans are likely to go on a binge hunting now!

Pokémon GO India: Release; More Details

Since the initial release of the game back in July, Indian fans had to settle for a crack version. Similar to the game’s deteriorating popularity globally, Indians took a boredom to it too. Things are about to change, however. The official release in South Asian countries means a substantial increase in the game’s popularity in the coming days.

Niantic was constantly bombarded with questions regarding the official release in the Asian countries. Considering Pokémon’s Asian roots, it was beyond anyone’s comprehension why it took so long. Crack version limits the players’ options, unlike the official version. The official live app definitely brings joy to the myriads of anticipating fans.

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This development means that the gyms and Pokéstops will increase in numbers. Not to mention, Reliance Digital outlets across the country are among them. Niantic’s entry into the foray of Indian gaming wasn’t an easy one. They had to get through some protocol and administrative processes to make this possible.

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The Frenzy

Initial release of the crack version saw players going berserk in public places and some religious ones too. That didn’t go well with a fragment of population that took the matters to the court. After arriving on a common ground, Pokémon GO India is back in Gamers’ radar. The app is available presently in the respective app stores of Android and Apple.

Indians who were happy with the Rattatas are bracing themselves for some rare Pokémons. Niantic developers took to the website blog to break the news and instantly took the internet by storm. The second coming of the game is here!

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