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Pokemon GO India: Fans Are Upset Over The Long Wait

Pokemon GO took the gizmo world by storm when it first came around. India is yet to have the official release.

One simply cannot deny the prospects of anime in the Asian market. Japan is the front runner, but the rest of them aren’t lagging behind too. It is close to six months now, after the official release of Pokemon GO in Australia and the US. Indians, on the other hand, are settling down with the crack version.

Pokemon GO India: Release Date

The anticipation for the game’s release in India was relatively high in the earlier stages. Subsequently, the fanfare is mellowing down and, as it stands, enthusiasts are reducing in numbers. India is not alone in this regard, however. The free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game is conspicuously falling out of favor.

Niantic, the developers, had their fair share of success and aren’t making a sturdy effort for the release too. In their defense, India is partly responsible for the delay even. When the players went berserk in the places of religious sentiment, complaints were heard. This is likely to have made the developers pessimistic about an official launch.

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In contrast to the above concern, Niantic might be waiting for the right moment too. Once the game’s popularity is at its nadir, they might launch it. This will almost certain get the hype back to the game. Under the circumstances, it’s safe to say that no such development is underway.

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Crack Version Vs Official Version

While the crack version does the job, it’s nothing quite like the official one. Furthermore, the official one has some rare Pokemons in store and the crack one – not quite! One has to settle with Rattata, while the rest are enjoying some Mr. Mime and Tauros. Not to mention, the downside of sideloading.

Important to realize that there are chances that Pokemon GO might never see an official launch in India. Even if it does, rest of the world have their Pokemons all leveled-up and ready! Indians will lag behind and it’s no fun henceforth. Perhaps, it’s like going to the beach after the Sun goes down. No point buying the tickets when the show is over!

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