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‘Pokemon GO’ Halloween Statistics: As Much as 1.3 Billion Ghost Pokemon Caught Overall

Making a milestone record for Pokemon GO in its recently-held event, Halloween, as much as 1.3 billion ghost-type Pokemon were caught according to the latest tally.

Originally reported at GamesRadar, the statistics appears to only covered the 5-day event recently launched by Niantic.

While that was surprising, IGN claims it is partly  a result of the increased spawn rate that Niantic settled for the event.

Players who had the privilege to play the game during its activity may recall Ghastly to be the most common monster from the event. As it appears, that same Pokemon is the one that was caught the most according to the established tallying.

Following Ghastly as the most caught monster during the said event includes Cubone and Drowzee. There were a total of nine different Pokémon unleashed to the game during the event’s validity.

However, there were no exact figures on each to justify the total 1.3 billion number of capture result. Nevertheless, the number is not surprising given Pokemon GO’s relatively wide global popularity which once ousted the Supercell’s Clash of Clans, a former king in the list of most number of users.

Considering that not all monster being captured in PoGO is successful in one throw, players can just imagine how many Poke balls were thrown throughout that 5-day long event. Assuming that the rate by which Pokemon are caught during the said event is just three Poke balls, the overall Poke ball being thrown in the game is close to 4 million.

In a previous interview with Niantic CEO John Hanke, he revealed a secret that is much unknown to people outside of his company’s development team. According to Hanke, there is “always” a secret behind Pokemon GO but which he teased to not disclose. By “always,” as it appears, he meant to be literally.

Photo reference: Flickr user Su-May

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