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Pokemon GO Christmas: Check Out This New Event You Avid Fans!

When Niantic released Pokemon GO last July, the game quickly became popular among long-time Pokemon fans and non fans alike. Many held the game in high regards but there are others who criticized the game due to multiple bugs and issues.

However, as time passed by, the players steadily decreased. In an effort, Niantic decided to add a Pokemon GO Christmas treat for the avid fans.

Pokemon GO Christmas: What’s In Store for the Fans?

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Pokemon GO fans were not thrilled with the addition of baby Pokemon from the second generation. Apparently, many were expecting that the entire generation 2 will be available in the game or even make the Legendary Pokemon more accessible to catch.

According to Mirror, Niantic has added new features to attract new players and entice the old ones back into the game. One feature included the increase of XP the player will receive after catching a new Pokemon, evolving the creature, and defeating a gym. Another update allows the player to transfer multiple Pokemon to the Professor at once.

There are also rumors that Niantic may add the entire generation 2 Pokemon in the game. While there is no confirmation from the game developers themselves, this Pokemon GO Christmas update may bring back the hype when the game was first released.

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Pokemon GO Christmas: Will It Make the Game Better?

When Pokemon GO was released, the game quickly became the most downloaded app for 2016. By July 13, the game had over 15 million downloads worldwide. People became hyped up about the augmented-reality game because of the perks it offers. One, downloading is free. Second, the game encourages physical movement from the players. And local businesses grew thanks to the foot traffic they gain from PokeStops.

However, critics bashed the game due to the technical issues found in the app. In addition to that, there are also those who got involved in accidents because of the game. MailOnline reported that Pokemon GO caused 110,000 road accidents in the United States during its first 10 days of release. This caused to several places to pass laws to regulate the game’s usage.

Will Pokemon GO Christmas provide a better experience to its players? Or will it be the same?

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