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Pokemon Day: Pokemon Go Might Get Massive Update

Pokemon fans are celebrating today as the Pokemon Day. Exactly 21 years ago on this day, the very first Pokemon game called Pocket Monsters Aka and Pocket Monsters Midori was introduced to the world.

That game was released in Japan in 1996 and came to the United States in 1998 where it was called Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. These were the games we were all obsessed with when we were kids. Yes, it’s been that long.

Pokemon Day Brings Massive Pokemon Go Updates

To celebrate Pokemon Day, Pikachu will be wearing a hat on the hit game, Pokemon Go. So, players who will see Pikachu, Pokemon’s most popular character, will enjoy his festive nature from Feb. 26 to March 6.

Pokemon DayPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Squidos

That’s right, this festivity will run for a whole week. During these festivities, players can also enjoy Pokemon Day Twitch stream. The stream will include a lot of the most memorable matches from Pokemon TCG, video games, and Pokken Tournament.

There are also Pokemon figures released today. The new Gallery Figures will be on display at the Pokemon Center starting Feb. 27. These figures were specifically created for the Pokemon Center in the United States.

The Gallery Figures are as follows: Mew using Psychic, Eevee using Swift, Magikarp using Splash, and Pikachu using the Thunderbolt attack. These are only the first figures to be on display. There will be more throughout the year.

Aside from that, there’s going to be a Pokemon movie marathon on Pokemon TV. Also, fans believe that there could be a massive update on the game soon. Niantic, the creator of Pokemon, teased of an upcoming event when it won the mobile game of the year at DICE.

There are no details to what the event will be about, however. But because of a little tease (someone said “save your candy” in a clip), many are believing that a double candy event is about to come soon.

Why Pikachu?

If you capture a Pikachu wearing festive hats, he will keep the hat forever. Apparently, Pikachu is the only Pokemon who can wear hats. Remember he also wore a Santa cap for Christmas?

Just recently, Pokemon Go released some new customization options for Pokemon trainers. We’d love to see other customization updates on the other Pokemons, too. This could push the game back on top of the chart.

Pokemon Day will surely be a hit among Pokemon Go fans. They are not only reminded of the game they used to enjoy when they were kids. They will also enjoy a host of exciting updates.

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