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Persona 5 Trailer: Meet The New Helpful Confidants

Over the weekend, the new Persona 5 trailer was revealed. It had very interesting updates to those waiting for the game to be released. You see, in the world of Persona 5, social relationships with your “business associates” also known as “confidants,” are very important.

Having confidants on your good side spells out unlocking special skill bonuses and useful services. It will also boost Phantom Thieves.

Three new Persona 5 trailers have been released. They feature the new confidants in the upcoming game. Get to know Tae Takemi, Sojiro Sakura, and Munehisa Iwai.

Persona 5 trailer reveals story!

Since the game garnered much popularity, the storyline has always been kept interesting. Persona 5 centers on the bleak life of the main protagonist of the game where he must rebuild his life and reputation.

As a new transfer student at Shujin Academy in Tokyo, he soon discovers that he has the ability to enter the hearts of people and force them to confront their true selves (whether it’s for the good or the bad).

The main character then uses his powers. Together with his group of outcast friends, he forms the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. They are on a mission to help reveal the ills of society. However, it is only a matter of time before people become suspicious of them. Apparently, another group is out to eliminate their group.

Persona 5 trailer introduces new confidants!

There will be three new confidants who will help the protagonist with his cause. The three new characters are Munehisa Iwai, Sojiro Sakura, and Tae Takemi.

A report from Crunchyroll reveals that “Munehisa is the proprietor of Tokyo’s finest airsoft gun shop called “Untouchable.” Moreover, because the Phantom Thieves need to arm themselves against all types of enemies, having Munehisa close is essential to their survival. Also, helping Munehisa allows the player to “unlock more wares, discounts” and even customize certain airsoft guns.

Meanwhile, Sojiro Sakura is the owner of Cafe LeBlanc. He plays a vital role, too, because when the protagonist visits Tokyo again, Sojiro “reluctantly” takes him in his attic so he would have a place to stay. Reports say that Sojiro will teach the protagonist various coffee and curry recipes which are vital during dungeon crawls to restore SP.

Lastly, Tae Takemi owns a medical clinic and having her by the protagonist’s side is no less than essential. Even if her clinic is located in a “shady alley,” Tae is able to heal and treat injuries any member of the Phantom Thieves have sustained during thieving. Helping Tae with her “experiments” unlocks stronger health potions that greatly help during fights.

Persona 5 Compatibility

Persona 5 will be available for the PS4 and PS3. The game will be released in North America on April 4, 2017. Meanwhile, you can pre-order a digital copy of the game via the PlayStation store. If you can, do it now because the digital pre-order copies will get a special Izanagi persona DLC from Persona 4.


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