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Paragon Winterfest Celebration: Season of Gift Giving

“It’s the season to be jolly,” as the song goes, but are you still not feeling the festive rush? Well, Paragon got your back as it launches the Paragon Winterfest Celebration. The said festivities will be packed with holiday treats. What is holiday season without some treats and loots especially on Christmas?

Paragon Winterfest Celebration

The Paragon Winterfest will be celebrated through gift giving and some item discounts because “it is the most wonderful time of the year” and the season of giving. Paragon fanatics will be able to receive loots just by watching their games’ video on Youtube and Twitch.

If you think it’s still not enough, five Winterfest skins will be on sale starting Dec. 13 and the whole event will last until Jan. 9. It is more than a month of celebration, so enjoy those colorful lights and other decorations.

When u finally got ur Riktor skin #Riktor #paragon #epicgames #paragonwinterfest #winterfest

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Secret Gifts

If the children have Santa Clause to send their wishes and receive their gifts from, Paragon has Epic and a couple of secret Saint Riks to send fans and lucky looters their secret gifts.

There are four different secret gifts that you can get and unveil: reputation (one of the two currencies in Paragon), card packs, boosts (to increase reputation or experience temporarily), and Winterfest skins.

If you’re planning to get your secret gifts through Twitch, there are more gifts that are up for grabs. Aside from those listed above you can also get Jingle Bombs Iggy and Scoch, as well as Ugly Sweater Gadget for the first Twitch drop week.

You can also have Peppermint Kallari and Yuletide Feng Mao on the second Twitch drop week. There’s also the Old Saint Rik for the whole loot period.

Christmas Season

With all the rewards and surprises Paragon Winterfest has to offer, I’m sure every fan will be having a Christmas season. With the trees decorated, socks hanging on the fireplace, and colorful lights glowing everywhere, Winterfest is making the holidays more festive not just with the loots but with heroes wearing holiday sweaters and Old Saint Rik wrapped in colorful lights. Watch the video below to hear Old Saint Rik’s – let’s just say – speech.

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