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Overwatch New Comic Reflections Introduces Tracer As First ‘Queer’ Character

Overwatch comics received an interesting new update. It can be noted that Overwatch recently dropped its much-anticipated winter update as well. For months, Blizzard had been hinting at a new “colorful” member to join the LGBTQ community. Now, the game developers finally revealed the newest ‘queer’ character!

Can you guess who’s the character?

Overwatch’s new comic introduces first ‘queer’ character

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The comics’ 10th issue entitled Reflections made the revelation. And it is none other than Tracer, Polygon notes. In fact, the news wasn’t a subtle one, with the comic box showing Tracer being kissed by her girlfriend. Tracer is the “spritely Londoner” who flaunted her gravity-defying hair and became pretty much the face of Overwatch when the game hit the market.

Since Overwatch‘s release last May this year, followers of the game made their own fan fiction, fan art, and even went out dressed as their favorite characters. It comes as no surprise then that the new information about Tracer will garner even a stronger following because of its uniqueness.

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Overwatch comics take pride in diversity

Blizzard Entertainment’s team-based multiplayer FPS title has provided an avenue to even the most diverse “ships.” Ships is a shortened, slang version of worshiping a couple, including a handful of dreamy stories about Tracer. In fact, she was the most popular character to be matched with other characters, regardless of gender. With the new turning point in the Overwatch comics’ story, fans can expect hotter new twists with the issues to come.

Gamespot revealed that lead writer Michael Chu really wanted to pen a series that would stand out from the rest. He was eager to tackle “diverse” stories, which he knew would make the series even more interesting.

“I think what we were really inspired by was all the diversity in our world, ” he said. He went on to say how “different cultures” made of history, pop-cultures, “like anime and manga and movies” inspired him to set the direction of his work.

Overwatch can be played on Windows (PC), Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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