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Nintendo Super Mario Run Turning Out To Be Colossal Failure

The news of Nintendo Super Mario Run coming on phones welcomed with a mighty cheer by many. Who wouldn’t want the favorite memory from childhood back in the palm of the hands? The plan has been materialized but it seems the fans aren’t too happy with the deal that has fallen on their laps.

Nintendo Super Mario Run is made available on App Stores on iOS. And the reviews are pouring in for the game. These are not very faltering reviews as users are irked by a very flawed strategy that the maker is using to advance the game. Over 50,000 reviews have already come in and the majority have been giving the game a dismal one-star rating.

Nintendo Super Mario Run: In-App Cost A Big Mistake?

The shares of the company is seeing a decline now. And it is due to the negative reviews for Nintendo Super Mario Run. Mac Rumors report that the shares of the developer of DeNA dipped 14% since the release of the game. Nintendo’s stock has declined about 13% in the same time-frame.

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The biggest issue as cited by users playing the game is the in-app purchase of US$ 10. The game is titled as free to download. But to continue playing the game, users had to pay a certain amount. Users can play first three levels for free and then have to cough up about ten dollars to play the rest.

Nintendo Super Mario Run: Much Furore over US$ 10?

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Like every seething issue, there are two sides to it. There are a good amount of people who are saying the new gen is too obsessed with everything free. Some say that back in the day the game cost about US$ 60 and was still worth a buy! It seems that the debate is split amongst those who have grown up with Nintendo’s Super Mario games and the newly bred game users who have access to various other games out there. Talk about old-gen and new-gen debate?

Nintendo Super Mario Run may have to resort to some measures to douse the immense amount of the negatives press that the game has been receiving.

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