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Nintendo And Disney Should Really Team Up Soon

It’s Christmas and a lot of people are frustrated because of the NES Classic Edition which continues to be difficult to find. What if Nintendo decides to theme their beloved console? Say a Disney-themed NES Classic Edition?

NES Classic Edition goes Disney!

One fan has decided to put matters in his own hands and re-imagined his NES Classic Edition console with a Disney theme. What he did was print the gray console with the familiar Disney logo along with Mickey Mouse, some fireworks, and voila!

The color he chose also blended well with the light and dark gray color of the console. He chose Disney’s violet, orange, and pink color combination and the finished product looked like it’s a real one that is for sale.

Disney-themed NES games?

Speaking of a Disney-themed NES console, it won’t be complete without its Disney games. The headliner for these Disney games would be no other than the Mickey Mousecapade, which was also the first entry of Capcom in the Disney NES series. The game is very simple – Mickey and Minnie Mouse go through the game’s five levels while trying to avoid enemies that came from the Disney universe.

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Another popular Disney game that should be in this edition is Duck Tales, which is probably the best Disney game from Capcom. The objective of the game is to lead Scrooge and his three nephews travel around the world and gather all the treasures they can find while defeating the enemies.

Next is Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers, another favorite where Chip and Dale had to rescue Ginger from Fat Cat. Zipper, the fly, gives the characters extra power-ups while Monterey Jack, the big Australian mouse, opens up some doors for you.

Other Disney games that can be part of this Disney-themed NES Classic Edition are Little Mermaid, Dark Wing Duck, Talespin, and Adventures in the Magic Kingdom. Now, if only that was a reality.

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NES Classic Edition still out of stock?

Fans of the console are still filled with nostalgic frustration as the product continues to be out of stock. There are some rumors on where to find the console but it looked like a great number of them were false leads.

Some people, on the other hand, are taking advantage of the scarcity and sell their own stocks of the console for very preposterous prices. The most expensive price ever for someone to pay was $88,000. That is for the love of the NES Classic Edition!

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