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NBA 2K17 Updates: Banning, Suspending of Players Now Allowed!

Last month, we have seen some tweaks in the team rosters and player ratings, as well as the addition of NBA legend Steve Nash in the NBA 2K17 updates. The overall ratings of the players depend on their performance from the beginning of the NBA 2016-2017 season up to now. So, what can we expect from the popular video game this holiday season?

Not much in terms of player ratings since we basically have the same list as the one released in August. But, we do have a special system upgrade from Visual Concepts, the game’s creator, regarding banning and suspending player accounts. This was done in an aim to prevent dishonest schemes that target the game’s several loopholes.

NBA 2K17 updates allows banning and suspending of players!

In the new NBA 2K17 updates, your player can either be banned temporarily or permanently, depending on the gravity of the offense. Shouldn’t we do the same in the league where some players are constantly harassing officials and the opposing team? Anyway, the temporary bans can last for weeks while permanent bans will, well, boot a player out of the game for good.

NBA 2K17 Updates

Screen cap from the Twitter page of NBA 2K17

If you have been permanently banned but you think it was unjustified, you may contact the game’s customer support hotline and ask to be reinstated. Pretty neat, right?

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So how does a player come to the point of being temporarily or permanently banned from NBA 2K17? First, you must never purchase Virtual Currency from third-party websites that sell them for a lower price than in NBA 2K17. You can get banned from participating in online modes.

Second, you must not sell MyTeam points or VC to fellow NBA 2K17 players. Third, you must not create and delete MyPlayer accounts in an aim to collect more VC. Fourth, you cannot advertise your VCs on social media because this is a copyright infringement.

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Finally, you cannot use bots or hackers because these have been eliminated in the last two patches released by the game’s creator.

NBA 2K17 updates player ratings!

If you need a little memory jog, here are the important player ratings you must remember in NBA 2K17 updates: LaMarcus Aldridge (88), Giannis Antetokounmpo (83), Carmelo Anthony (88), Matt Barnes (74), Chris Bosh (86), Jimmy Butler (88), Vince Carter (74), Jordan Clarkson (77), Jamal Crawford (77), Mike Conley (85), DeMarcus Cousins (90), Stephen Curry (74), DeMar DeRozan (87), Andre Drummond (87), Kevin Durant (93), Joel Embiid (77), Channing Frye (74), Marc Gasol (85), Pau Gasol (84), Kevin Garnett (74), Paul George (89), Manu Ginobili (79), James Harden (90), Kyrie Irving (89), and Lebron James (96).

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