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NBA 2K17 Fitbit: Your Physical Activity Means Better Player Rating

NBA 2K17 Fitbit collaboration will force players to reach their daily fitness goal in order to earn a temporary in-game attribute boost. They can use the boost for their players’ agility, layups, dunks, and more. The players will be able to use this boost for the next five games played on that day.

The collaboration is nothing new for gamers who have been used to modifying in-game versions. Such modifications range from shooting to passing to face-scanning technology that enables the mapping of their likeness on their in-game counterpart.

NBA 2K17 Fitbit: How does it work?

The NBA 2K17 Fitbit works by simply connecting your Fitbit account to your NBA 2K17 profile. Your NBA 2K player will receive a temporary player rating boost for every 10,000 steps you get to record on your Fitbit daily.

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NBA 2K17 Fitbit

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Fitbit

The program, which began on Nov. 25, will work on both the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One. All you have to do is sync your Fitbit trackers to your NBA player profile. Once you fire up your NBA 2K, you will get a prompt for a +5 attribute boost to be applied on your MyPlayer categories.

NBA 2K17 Fitbit: This game does not promote inactivity

Video games have always been criticized for promoting inactivity in gamers. They have often been associated with an inactive lifestyle because what all players have to do is to sit before their monitors and push on their control buttons.

Thankfully, the partnership between NBA 2K and Fitbit will push gamers to get off their couch and walk in the park. After all, 10,000 steps are not impossible. You can finish your errands and still manage to take the needed steps for the +5 boost.

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Getting incentives because of your physical activity is a good enough goal for NBA 2K17 Fitbit collaboration. Furthermore, this is not only a good way to keep gamers active, but it’s also cool to be able to incorporate your IRL (in real life) activities with gaming.

NBA 2K17 Fitbit: The player connection

While creating MyPlayer account, many of us focus on constructing an image for ourselves. We choose the hairstyle and complexion that best describe us or the ones we want for ourselves. The experience of connecting our actual physical activities to the game will further establish those MyPlayers’ images after us.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see other video games follow the NBA 2K17 Fitbit collaboration.

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