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Injustice 2 New Characters Revealed: Black Canary, Poison Ivy, And Bane Join The Action

The newest addition to the roster of Injustice 2 is about to make some noise… literally. Black Canary, the superheroine most known for her canary cry, has been confirmed in a new reveal trailer. She’s among the new characters making their Injustice debuts for the sequel to DC’s 2013 hit fighting game.

Villains Poison Ivy, Bane, and Braniac are also officially making the list. Those three were first hinted in a previous trailer, but it wasn’t until the official website was updated with their profiles that they were confirmed as playable.

They join Blue Beetle, Gorilla Grod, and Supergirl – already revealed last year – as the series’ new blood, after being left out in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The Canary Cry

Black Canary, who first appeared in early The Flash comics, is the alter ego of Dinah Lance. Her profile on the official website suggests that she escaped Superman’s Regime, sometime during the events of the first game. However, with Batman cleaning up, she’s now returned to set things right.

Aside from having tremendous athleticism and prodigious hand-to-hand combat skills, she can produce a supersonic scream to blast her enemies.

All those skills are on display in the trailer for Black Canary character. While not as flashy as, say, Robin or Blue Beetle, she looks like she possesses plenty of speed to outdo her opponents. Her “super” finishing move involves her driving her opponent into the ground with one huge Canary Cry, before finishing them off with a crushing punch in the face.

A New Regime?

The Plot of Injustice 2 carries over from the events of the last game. Where the alternate Superman’s Regime has been dismantled, a new order called The Society seems ready to take over. Batman puts together a new team to also combat Brainiac, the alien entity who poses a threat to the whole planet.

Gameplay will largely follow that of its predecessor. Battles will take place on a 2D plane, but with fully 3D backgrounds that can be interacted with as the matches go on. The cinematic stage transitions – which typically involve one player getting hammered in creative ways by the environment – return. So does the buffing trait system.

A new feature would be the “Gear System”, which allows players to pick up loot and equipment after battles. These can then be used to customize the looks and abilities of the characters.

As of now, the whole roster is yet to be announced. In fact, there are still a whopping 23 empty spaces on the website’s character page. But fans online have been active in guessing which characters will make the list – or otherwise, just wishing for their favorites’ inclusion.

Excited yet? Injustice 2 comes out May 16, 2017.

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