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Harry Potter Go Update: Gaming Platform Riddled with Issues; Fantastic Beasts Characters Likely to Feature

Hogwarts will take more time to come to your touch screen. The latest Harry Potter Go update is disappointing for the mega-film franchise’s fans worldwide. Niantic’s virtual reality game inspired by Pokemon Go are filled with flaws and technical glitches.

Word around town is that the game has some issues that could push its launch date further. Blame it on the possible inclusion of new characters from the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The official announcement, however,  is yet made if that is true.

Harry Potter Go update: Latest augmented reality game based on the Pokemon Go platform?

Certified Harry Potter fans may have their hearts broken with this news. They were apt to see their favorite book’s adaptation make a successful outing in the reality gaming series as well. Thanks to the popularity and intense marketing promotion of Pokemon Go, Niantic pitched up its development team. The first round of development started in August 2016.

The Potter Heads, as the fans of the book series are often called, made an online petition to Niantic Inc. and Warner Brothers to develop an app. According to the University Herald, Niantic started working on the Harry Potter Go update after acquiring the rights from the producers. However, the current  stage of development is unknown.

Niantic developed and published Pokemon Go in July 2016. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company’s collaboration played a major role in removing all the major technical glitches. The efforts paid off as Pokemon Go progressed to become the world’s most downloaded online gaming app in its first week.

What are the expected glitches in Harry Potter Go?

The technical flaws revealed in the Harry Potter Go update are different from those in Pokemon Go. Characters from the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which will be included in the game, will complicate the gaming plot known to regular readers. Heavy augmentation of the characters and the backdrop will obviously log the battery life and the RAM. There are also a few unspecified technical glitches related to gyms and rival players.

While the game is still in its development stage, this insider’s update on Harry Potter Go will surely not be the last thing we hear about the game. Its expected release date is July 2017!

Meanwhile, EA Games, Supercell, and Sony are also reportedly eyeing development rights for Harry Potter-inspired games. All that, just in case Niantic takes it too long to develop Harry Potter Go.

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