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GTA 5 Updates: You CAN Stop The Train! Find Out How!

Here’s an interesting read for all you Grand Theft Auto V players!

Many of you have scoured Google or even YouTube only to find yourself in a slurry of a “can X stop the train” content. Whether you’re trying to finish a mission or you just want to get the train to halt to a full stop, here are some interesting ways you may want to try out the next time you play the game.

Protip: 10 Dump Trucks Can’t Stop The Train

Surprisingly, despite the game’s semi-realistic attempt to recreate taking down various vehicles for play — no tank, aircraft, truck, or bus seems to be able to stop the train from progressing onward. This then results to models bugging out to clear the way, slipping and sliding on places or even soaring off a cliff. YouTuber omenz321 even attempted to stop the train using 10 dump trucks and, well — still failed at it.

Certainly, for all the interesting physics in this game, somehow the dirt doesn’t fall out of the trucks and the train does not budge.

GTA 5 updates: Stop the train, but have fun with these methods first!

Now with every GTA 5 player trying to fulfill the mission to stop the train, or at least derail it, you can try to hijack it first, run it to its top speed until it wipers out on a sharp bend to let you control it fully.

If you’re feeling extra creative, here are some of the persistent attempts of gamers and streamers alike that worked:

Stopping the train with humpback whales?

An article from Kotaku showed that the rendered codes for humpback whales prove to be a successful train track blocker in GTA 5. It’s almost like Rockstar never intended for whales to get hit by a train.


Humpback whales fail!

Humpback whales fail!

Sadly, the train is no match for superheroes.

Thanks to popular mods, popular superheroes like The Flash, Superman, or even Spider Man can make a trip to Los Santos to try and stop the train! Or so that’s what we think.

GTA 5 Updates: Can Superheroes Stop The Train?

GTA 5 Updates: Can Superheroes Stop The Train?

Based on various YouTube videos, the collective response when trying to stop the train using superheroes is a resounding “no.” The Flash can definitely outrun the train, but who’s running a race here? Spider Man may have attempted to stop a train in the movies, but GTA 5‘s train proved to be much stronger. Surprisingly.

How You Can Really Stop The Train

To stop this iron monster on wheels, simply go to a specific parachuting side activity. Once you land on the train that spawns for that mission, head on over to the front and use explosives to destroy the train. This is guaranteed to work on the single-player mode.

Until late, GTA 5 updates about destroying the train without being too ridiculous is yet to come. Before the last patch, GTA online allowed gamers to use sticky bombs to stop the train but that doesn’t work anymore.

If you’re still in the mood for another failed yet amusing attempt to stop the train, check out the video below.

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