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Final Fantasy XV: Why Does It Have The Name When It’s Not Final Yet?

Final Fantasy XV got released barely a couple of weeks ago, yet, the internet is already flooded with a lot of information about it. There are also some pervading questions that run inside the minds of fans. One of them is the story behind the title.

Final Fantasy XV Legend

Final Fantasy XV is, well, the 15th installment in the series. This makes fans question as to how Square Enix ever came up with the title. Those who already know the story behind this game will say this stuff is made of legends.

There are actually two versions of the story that surround the Final Fantasy XV legend. One of those stories says that Hironobu Sakaguchi, director of Final Fantasy, would quit Square because he’s going back to college. Meanwhile, the other one was that Square was going bankrupt so the game was going to be their last.

At that time, the designers at Square thought it would be their final game and decided that Final Fantasy would be their swan song. It turned out that they were wrong and their hard work paid off because it became the company’s milk machine not to mention the longest series.

A win for PS4?

Meanwhile, reports have already confirmed that 5 million of Final Fantasy XV copies were sold on its first day. And it looked like the PS4 wins against Xbox in terms of this one. PS4 sales of the game in the UK alone amount to 79 percent compared to Xbox’s 29 percent.

It has been such a long time before PS4 had a win against Xbox. Even during the recently concluded Black Friday sale had Microsoft’s console as the winner. So, it’s not just a good day for Final Fantasy XV fans but for PS4 fans as well.

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