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Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary: Square Enix Celebrates With Remake Packages!

Video game enthusiasts will be extremely pleased with this. For the celebration of Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary, rumors are making the rounds that Square Enix will release a disc compilation of the Final Fantasy games.

Fans of the franchise were hyped up when E3 2015 showed the trailer for Final Fantasy VII remake. The hype increased when Final Fantasy XV released. The franchise will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2017. If the rumors are true, then the Final Fantasy devotees are in for a trip down to memory lane.

What Square Enix Plans for Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

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Rumors are circulating on the internet that Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age are under consideration as part of the package. Gaming Instincts reported that the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary road map features a total of nine games from the franchise. In addition to that, Sqaure Enix also plans on releasing Final Fantasy XIII for PlayStation 4 in 2017. Fans will get to enjoy the trilogy in 1080p resolution and 60 FPS.

It is also hinted that Final Fantasy II will be getting an English translation. And that the releases are based on the Japanese version of the games. This meant that fans can play the sections that were cut out when the games were released worldwide.

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Nostalgia for the Long-Time Fans

The news is still unconfirmed as of the moment. However, if it is proven true, fans of the Final Fantasy franchise will be able to have a whole new experience of nostalgia. Final Fantasy is Square Enix’ biggest game franchise and most successful to date.

Final Fantasy VII is considered as the franchise’s most successful game. It sold over 9.5 million copies worldwide. Final Fantasy XIII, on the other hand, sold out the fastest among the Final Fantasy games. It already sold more than a million copies in Japan on its first day.

However, many fans are doubtful that the remake package will happen. For one, it takes a really long time for a game to be remastered. Only thing to do now is to wait for the official announcement regarding the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary remake package.

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