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Fan Legacy Metal Gear Solid Download Link: What To Expect From ‘Shadow Moses’ Creators

A fan-made VR showcase for fans of Metal Gear Solid has been released online. The museum game, entitled Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid, allows fans to see the levels of the first Metal Gear Solid game in HD. The VR game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and is entirely played in the first-person view.    

Recently, the the Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid game developer released the first part of their game. Future parts will be released in the coming weeks, said the developer. The first part of the VR Museum game features fan-made Metal Gear Solid remake models and a David Hayter interview.

Download Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid

The VR Museum game can be downloaded on MEGA. The Museum contains high-definition Metal Gear Solid statues of notable characters, fan art, and unique David Hayter voice work.

Players downloading the VR museum should manage their expectations. This VR museum doesn’t involve action as it servers to pay homage to the Metal Gear saga.


There’s some areas where David Hayter will talk some interesting tidbits about Metal Gear Solid

What Could Have Been

The developer of the game previously aimed to make a Metal Gear Solid 1 Remake using Unreal Engine. They’ve contacted Konami to get permission, but the company declined. Shadow Moses had to stop production to avoid legal troubles with Konami.

Similar to the Metal Gear Shadow Moses remake, the developer created The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid VR Museum for their fellow fans. Konami may not issue another copyright strike against it as long as VR Museum doesn’t aim to make a profit out of the game.

What’s Next for Metal Gear?

The next Metal Gear entry will be Konami’s Metal Gear Survive. Since Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is already out of Konami, fans are worried if Konami will deliver the same Metal Gear experience in their upcoming release. Based on the trailer and gameplay showcase by Konami, Metal Gear Survive is mainly a cooperative online game where players should fend zombie-like enemies. Quirks found in Metal Gear games exist in the game as players can use Cardboard boxes to disguise themselves from foes.

It’s yet to be seen if the game will have a strong story. Some also believe Konami’s upcoming game is a huge departure from what the franchise is known for as the game doesn’t seem to have a political story. Fans believe it has also delved too much into the supernatural.

For those who want to relive Kojima’s Metal Gear games, they should definitely try out the Fan Legacy Metal Gear Solid. Those willing to try out a new direction, they can try out Metal Gear Survive. Fans who want Hideo Kojima’s work can try out Metal Gear Solid 5 The Definitive Experience or his upcoming Death Stranding.

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