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Everything About DoTA 2 7.00: Monkey King Debut, New Building, Upgraded HUD, and More!

DoTA 2 7.00 patch notes are underway so expect a major update when you log on Steam today. There are so exciting new updates to watch out for, including the debut of new hero Monkey King, an HUD upgrade, hero buffs, and many more!

DoTA 2 7.00 updates

It has been a long time since DoTA 2 released a major update, so fans were hyped when news made rounds about the new patch dropping on Dec. 12. In fact just as when the Dota 7.00 patch notes were supposed to go live, the website crashed! Kotaku even reports that Valve’s free-to-play MOBA has “massive” updates including changes made to Roshan, a new building, and of course, the much-awaited hero Monkey King.

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New Hero: Monkey King

Tripped Media previously reported speculations surrounding Monkey King, but now, it has finally been confirmed that he will make his debut when DoTA 2 7.00 is live!  Check out the short clip below that shows Monkey King and Roshan’s new lair.

Roshan gets new changes

Upon the arrival of Dota 2 7.00 patch, players will now fight Roshan differently. As per the same publication, it has been reported that the giant neutral creep can now be fought against when you move up the river. This will provide easier access for the enemy team to use the Scan ability to know whether or not the team is trying to beat Roshan.

New building: Shrine

The new patch also introduces a new building called the Shrine that sits close to each side’s secret shop. Shrines can be teleported to and become vulnerable whenever all tier 2 towers fall for either the Dire or the Radiant team.

These new buildings have a five minute cooldown that generates “a 500 AoE aura that lasts for 5 seconds” for all allied heroes within the scope of the aura. Each team has five Shrines inside their base and walking near it when the aura is activated, grants “120/40 HP/MP regeneration per second.”

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Pre-Match Screen and HUD changes

DoTA 2 is also changing its pre-match screen look as well as the hero selection panel. The notes explain, “The new selection interface [can be matched] with the new hero gallery where you can use the common hero selection criteria, or enter the name to quickly find a specific hero.”

More interestingly, the new HUD is bringing in a snazzier look, with a more streamlined view of your hero, his/her skills and its cooldown details. Check out the screenshots here.

With the plethora of new features, upgrades, and a new hero to boot, Christmas came earlier for the loyal followers of DoTA 2.

Well played, Valve.


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