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15,000-Square Foot Esports Arena To Open In Las Vegas

Gone are the days where video games are dismissed to be but a hobby. Today, the world of esports has attracted much attention where winners can bring home millions in prize money. As the world of esports continues to gain popularity, many companies transition into making this part of their business. Las Vegas, the world’s casino central, is now the latest one to include esports in the fray.

Entertainment Capital Of The World Opens First Esports Arena

Las Vegas is popular for gambling, and is now expanding its reach to the esports industry. CTV News reports how these casinos have previously invested in amenities to attract the 15-34 age group, but failed. The arena, Downtown Grand, aims to change how Las Vegas is seen by millennials.

The Downtown Grand will have an e-sports lounge where professional and casual gamers can play and socialize. The arena is within walking distance of hotels and casinos and will host 200 people in stadium-style seating arrangement. The arena will be built in an area that used to house nightclubs and movie theaters.

“The younger people don’t get enamored by the glitz and the glitter of something; it’s all about authenticity,” said Alex Igelman, CEO of Millennial Esports.

The venue will open its doors March 3 with a three-day, $50,000-prize-pool Halo World Championship qualifier and host an EA Sports-sanctioned Madden 17 NFL tournament later in March.

Esports Arena To Attract ‘Major Spenders’ In Today’s Economy

According to another report from Seattle Times, the esports market is rapidly growing. Interestingly, Las Vegas is the newest player to join in on the trend.

Apart from traditional gambling, the casino industry also hopes to attract the millennial crowd who play a huge part in today’s economy.

“We wanted to create an environment that caters to the esports audience 24/7,” said Seth Schorr, CEO of Fifth Street Gaming. “It’s not just the weekend of an event, and then come Monday it’s no longer an esports hotel. We wanted to activate our property so that the esports enthusiasts always want to come visit the property and there’s always something going on.” Schorr is also a member of the board of directors of Millennial Esports, the company behind the arena.

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