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If You Like DoTA 2 or LoL, Download Mobile Legends for Android and Start Playing!

If you have been playing League of Legends (LoL) or Defense of the Ancients (DoTA) 2, then there’s a huge chance you will soon get hooked on Moonton’s latest game Mobile Legends.

While there are other MOBA games for mobile like Vain Glory and Heroes of Order and Chaos, Moonton’s new Android game takes the cake for being able to pack the simple yet important MOBA elements for a mobile device.

You might think that the game is impossible to run on smaller devices, but surprisingly, it runs smooth enough to encourage more people to join the growing number of Mobile Legends players worldwide. Read on to know more why you should get the game now from Google’s Play Store. The current game version is

Mobile Legends makes MOBA for smaller devices work!

Initially, I was hesitant to get the game, knowing how demanding it would be. With my phone’s battery at 83 percent, I played four games in a row, and checked it at 53 percent afterwards. This is not a bad number considering Mobile Legends uses similar LoL and DoTA 2 features, yet is still able to keep the gameplay simple.

On average, a normal game would take eight to 20 minutes, given you’ve reached level three rank as a player. Moreover, the game stays true to most MOBA titles where you attack and defend three lanes filled with towers that continuously spawn minions (or creeps). You up your level by killing enemy heroes, destroying towers, as well as killing your enemy’s minions.

There is also a feature for signalling, pre-assigned team phrases, and being able to chat with your teammates using the in-game communication feature. Moonton definitely wants to make this game work so players who try to destroy your game by leaving abruptly have also been taken into account. You can either have them stay at the fountain (your base) or have them follow your hero and use them during battles.

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Mobile Legends Heroes and Items

Currently, there are 24 heroes to choose from, ranging from tanks to mages to hitters (or damagers). However, only 10 of them come free as you need to purchase the others using in-game coins. Each hero comes with three pressable skills, excluding their basic attack whether they are melee or ranged. They are patterned after the usual classes falling under tank, mages, hitters, marksmen, support, assassins, as well as those that do AOE damage.

You can customize your hero’s look by purchasing skins in-game, but the choices are rather limited at the moment. More interestingly, you can build a hero differently using in-game items.

While you’re getting used to the game, there are pre-assigned builds that lets you choose two items at a time for your hero. For instance, if you’ve saved 1000 coins, you are able to choose whether you’d like an item to increase attack damage vs increase movement speed.

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Get Mobile Legends now and start matchmaking!

The developers are very active in fine tuning the game and the player base is growing exponentially. It won’t take long before the game garners enough popularity just like Supercell’s Clash Royale or Clash of Clans that hold professional tournaments.

As a big fan of MOBA games, Mobile Legends is not spammy or trying too hard to become what it isn’t, but rather, it is something you should download if you truly enjoy a good strategy game even in the comfort of just holding on to your Android device.

The game is NOT pay to win, so players definitely need to play more games to get better at this game. Best part of it all is that Mobile Legends is FREE.

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