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Crash Bandicoot Release Date: What Other Details Do We Know Of So Far?

Finally, the long-awaited remastering of the 1990s video game Crash Bandicoot is finally here. To mark the 20th anniversary of the game, you are now allowed to download the demo right now, though the official Crash Bandicoot release date is in 2017.

Crash Bandicoot made an appearance at the Playstation Experience, confirming the long-ago suspicions of a remastered version of this N. Sane Trilogy. The remastering will feature new versions of Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

Crash Bandicoot release date and gameplay unleashed

Vicarious Visions didn’t just tease us of Crash Bandicoot release date, but also revealed some juicy tidbits about Crash Bandicoot’s gameplay for the PS4. True to form, the 2016 version of the popular character will have us seeing our hero with a fresh new look (complete with smoother fur).

During the Playstation Experience, we were also treated to a comparison of the old and new gameplay. Fans of the original Crash Bandicoot may recognize the famed boulder chase and the battles with Papu Papu and Dr. Neo Cortex. They even reprised the sound effects that have become so familiar with the game’s players.

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Crash Bandicoot Release Date

Screen cap from the Twitter page of JayTechTV

Remember those noises the game made when you picked a Wumpa fruit or when you spin so hard that enemies fly into oblivion? Yep, they are still in the remastered version. Technology hasn’t touched any of that, thankfully.

Dan Tanguay of Vicious Visions, however, was quick to clarify that the Crash Bandicoot release date will not see a “remake” of the original game. Instead, the N. Sane Trilogy “is a remaster plus.” They have no intention of touching something that gamers are attached to, he was quoted by iDigitalTimes as saying.

What to expect from Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

So far, fans can expect the following features once the game is released next year: rebuilt levels, rebuilt characters, rebuilt cinematics, unified checkpointing and save game system (includes manual and auto saving), unified menu system, and time trials in all three games.

Worried that the graphics and gameplay may divert too much from the original? Don’t fret. Vicious Visions swore any rebuilding was based purely on the original video game.

Details are still unclear about the Crash Bandicoot release date, but what we are sure of is it’s a Sony exclusive.

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