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Clash Royale Drops Big First Anniversary Updates; Team Battle Introduced

Clash Royale, Supercell’s popular mobile game just dropped juicy updates! The mobile strategy game is said to release new trading cards like the Dragon and Archer Queen. Moreover, a new game mode will be introduced. What else is in store for the upcoming update? Read on to find out!

Clash Royale Updates: New Team Battle Mode

Many remember that the game was released last March 2016, so after its first successful year, Supercell is just giving back. Given this development, there are speculations that Supercell is going to make the Clash Royale update even better than they originally planned. Recently, a community moderator of the Clash Royale forum dropped hints about the game’s biggest update yet: Team Battle! He confirmed that the March update has been delayed, and shared two images about the big update.

Team Battle mode could follow the style of Supercell’s earlier mobile game Clash of Clans. For Clash Royale, the new game mode could follow the rules of CoC‘s clan wars, where two clans go head to head and earn the most number of stars. For this game though, it would mean more trophies. No other details have been released to date, so you’ll have to hang tight and wait!

Clash Royale Updates Include Balance Fixes And Card Tweaks

Meanwhile, Korea Portal suggests that the major update will drop sometime this month. Reports have it that balance changes will be made to certain cards, like the Executioner, for example. Though it is relatively a new card, many people have easily made it their favorite because of the power it packs. It won’t be very surprising though if his damage gets nerfed because it pretty much seals the deal, blowing immense damage to whoever he needs to go head-to-head with.

Aside from that, some users have complained about bugs in certain matches. For instance, the delay time when you choose a card from your deck, and deploying them has become a cause of concern. Others say though that this stems from the sensitivity of a device’s screen.

Indeed, these updates are very exciting, but no official confirmation has been made as to what Supercell is going to roll out in the next big update. Needless to say, everyone is hyped and for now, be sure you check out Clash-A-Rama episodes you might have missed!

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