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‘Call of Duty:Infinite Warfare’ Short Review: Offers Too Common, Too Little to Feel Refreshing

Long-running and popular to the shooter fan base, the COD franchise is perhaps among the solidly entrenched in the genre. But with a succession that is perhaps considered short in duration, does Call of Duty:Infinite Warfare make a good impression as another installment in the franchise?

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare feels overly familiar and offers very limited new features to make the game feel like a brand-new COD title. There is not much of a difference to expect in Infinite Warfare as everything in the previous feels eerily similar, albeit subtle.

Perhaps this is very true to the game’s multiplayer aspect as players are served with very little of  new modes to play with. The introduction of the Combat Rig, Infinite Warfare’s class system under the hood, however, makes for a differing experience known to the title’s futuristic setting.

Weapons, on the other hand, are just the re-skinning of the previously existing weapon rosters. The inclusion of the so-called energy-based weapons are but the same old guns with shiny-coated bullets.

If the mentioned were not reused enough, the DLC for Infinite Warfare is just a reimplementation of the already tried-and-tested formula involving zombies in the overall picture of gameplay.

However, where the game shines the most is in its single-player,  partly thanks to the game’s inclusion of the side mission elements. These side missions give the player the sense of autonomy towards their play of the game versus solely linear-based progressions.

Overall, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare felt like just a DLC rather than a unique major title in the franchise. This is due to its abusive reuse of the same old gameplay elements seen in the previous game titles in the franchise while adding very little new aspects into the mix.

Photo reference: YouTube via Call of Duty

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