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Best Video Game Women 2016 Apart From Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft

For years, when someone asks you who the best female character in the video game world is, the automatic answer would be Lara Croft. There’s certainly no stigma attached to it. However, with more video games coming out, female-led titles have started to ultimately change the scene. Many women protagonists have definitely upped the ante and have squashed the damsels in distress idea, as to how women were regarded as before.

If you love playing video games, especially those with female-led titles, check out if your favorite protagonist made it to our concise list of the best video game women 2016.

3 Best Video Game Women 2016

Photo from Naughty Dog's Facebook Account

Photo from Naughty Dog’s Facebook Account

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Ellie from Last of Us

Anyone who played this post-apocalyptic FPS title knows that Ellie was the superstar. Initially, people thought it was Joel, but Ellie was more than a sidekick when she nursed Joel back to life when he was badly wounded. Moreover, she’s capable of wielding guns more than any amateur and proves to truly be a badass when taking down aliens cum zombies. With developer Naughty Dog’s recent announcement about Last of Us 2, fans are so eager to see a more grown-up Ellie take on whatever heads her way.

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Photo from Uncharted's Facebook Account

Photo from Uncharted’s Facebook Account

Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4

Nadine Ross defines the word tough. Apart from her physical strength, Nadine is also smart to know when a battle is actually worth her time. This trait was proven when Uncharted 4 was approaching its end and Nadine was caught in a situation while looking for buried treasure.

Photo from Dishonored 2's Facebook Account

Photo from Dishonored 2’s Facebook Account

Emily Kaldwin from Dishonored 2

Emily Kaldwin has been praised by a lot of avid gamers, and even had a story written entirely about her. Daily Star even describes Emily as an “intelligent character who sets out to reclaim her throne and wreak revenge on those who have wronged her.”

Arkane Studios Creative Director Harvey Smith explained how they wanted Emily to be. They wanted a person who seemed interesting and admirable to young women. At the same time, be “someone to aspire or embody in a vicarious, virtual way.”

“This push for improving the portrayal of women is an important moment in culture, but in order to be part of the conversation, we had to make these decisions when we began developing our characters four years ago,” he said.

Who else are your favorite lady protagonists? Sound off in the comments section below!

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