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Best Apps 2016: Google Play Reveals Top Games, Apps of the Year

We are into the last month of the year 2016. Continuing the tradition, Google Play released a list of the best apps 2016 based on maximum downloads and revenue generated. Scoompa’s Face Changer 2 topped the app category with 50 million downloads. Reality game Pokémon Go was the top-trending online game app with close to 500 million installations by November 2016.

Google also released the most popular movies, music, TV shows, and books that made top headlines in the year.

The Hits and Misses in the Best Apps 2016

Google Play announced Scoompa’s Face Changer 2 was the top trending app in 2016. The app lets the user manipulate the face on mobile screens and add effects on it to make it look funny and entertaining. With interactive stickers and background places in the kit, Face Changer 2 beat photo and selfie editing app Lumyer.

Sadly, there was no mention of other face changing apps like Face Swap, Face Stealer, and Snapchat. Surprisingly, Masquerade Technologies’ MSQRD was among the top five best apps of 2016. The video selfie editing app was acquired by Facebook shortly after its release.

 The Top Trending Games of 2016

Right from its onset, Niantic’s Pokémon Go was expected to be on top of the most trending games of 2016. Released in July 2016, the free-to-play augmented reality game gripped the player. Its web marketing strategies were exclusively designed to collaborate with the location-based augmented reality technologies that helped local businesses flourish.

The fun of catching and training your own pokémon in your own neighborhood is something every millennial dreamed about during childhood. Niantic turned the gaming experience into a cool socially “infectious” trend.

Despite technical issues and server crashes, the best app of 2016 remains the fastest and the top app in the iOS App Store and Google Play. And who did Pokémon Go beat in its climb to this status? Supercell’s Clash Royale!

Clash Royale ranks second followed by Traffic Rider. Lowtech Studio’s and First Touch’s Dream League Soccer were listed at fourth and fifth place respectively by Google Play.

What we wish featured in the Best Apps 2016?

Who all missed out an entry into the Hall of Fame in best apps and games? Well, we would have loved to see Crashlands  and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in the list. Best apps 2016 by Google Play did not mention 1Weather or LastPass either. And, that’s shocking. Though not as much shocking as Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book missing from the list of top movies of 2016, which was released along with the Best Apps 2016!


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