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Astralis: CSGO ELeague 2017 Champs Reveal Secret To Victory

Barely a month ago, CS:GO fans were tuned in to the biggest tournament worldwide. It featured the best esports teams with the popular ones like Fnatic, Virtus Pro, EnvyUs, Natus Vincere, and Astralis. Astralis, the Danish CS:GO team, earned a reputation for choking during the most crucial times. For four years of being together, the team has seen success, but has always failed to win a major.

Astralis placed second during ELeague season 2, and surprised and delighted many of their fans this year when they finally took home the trophy. Now, the team revealed the biggest secret to their win and that is, having a sports psychologist by their side. They sought for the help of Mia Stellberg, who they’ve been working with in secret for the last six months.

Astralis Sports Psychologist Helped Team Become Champions

Mashable published a video that provided insight behind the team’s motivation to win this year. Apart from the group’s training, members revealed that they had a sports psychologist help uplift their morale. Based on previous games, the team has been known to falter just when they’re about to get past the semifinals. This year has been different. While they did experience a major blow match against Godsent — with their team having only 6 points — Astralis reacted differently this time. With the help of sports psychologist Mia Stellberg, the team revealed that their way of thinking has changed immensely.

“We agreed not to talk about the last game, we didn’t need to talk about the Godsent game because there was nothing to take from it. It was our first game of the year and we just moved on,” member Dupreeh said when asked about the devastating loss.

It was not just the way the team handled losses that made a difference to their play style this year. As the outlet mentions, there seems to be a new “maturity” that had been introduced to the group.

“We’ve also learned a lot about how to strengthen ourselves mentally and I am sure ‘the old Astralis’ would’ve crumbled under the pressure,” Dupreeh explained.

Astralis: ‘Having A Sports Psychologist In eSports Matters’

While many people would scoff at the idea of having a sports psychologist in the field of video games, Dupreeh also explained how having a sports psychologist is important.

The Score reports that after a failed clutch, Dupreeh revealed that the team was very conscious about dampening other members’ spirits due to a wrong move.

“It wasn’t important for the game going onwards, that’s what made the difference. We have a huge advantage above a lot of teams mentally now, and it’s funny when people think it doesn’t make a difference having a sports psychologist and they feel they don’t need one. Well, sure, go ahead and believe that, but look where it took us. We’ve learned so much about professionalism and how to function as a team in such a short time. I’m confident that a lot of teams will pick up this method,” Dupreeh explained.

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