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40 Million Downloads in 4 Days – The Super Mario Run Story

While Nintendo is basking in the glory of record-breaking Super Mario Run downloads, players aren’t quite on the same page.

After 4 days of release, Super Mario Run boasts of 40 million downloads in Apple store, highest of its kind. This marks a grand debut for Nintendo after an entry into the foray of smartphone gaming. Besides, the Android release is still on the cards! By and large, Nintendo seem like making a killing, but there’s a catch. Gamers are growing repulsive already.

Super Mario Run: Release and Reception

The gaming realm has come a long way today to the latest role-playing augmented reality games. On the contrary, gamers still have a thing for fundamental auto-running games too. Popularity of Temple Run and Subway Surfer is the testament to the above fact. Case in point, Nintendo’s timing couldn’t have been better. Mario’s legendary status certainly had a large role in the game’s success, of course.

All things aside, Super Mario Run has its downside too. After downloading the free version, there are limitations to the game. After reaching a certain level, one has to pay a hefty 10 dollars to unlock the rest of the game. Bummer! Money? In the era of complimentary, on-the-house deals, money?

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Gamers who went on a binge run are looking back in utter dismay, it seems. Favorite childhood character is back, some reminiscences of the past and next thing they know – bad news! Even for a game as well-built as this, Tenners are a bit far-fetched all right!

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The Android Turn

The story so far is just from Apple’s end, which is paltry to Android’s market. If Apple users went berserk on the game, one can only imagine the Android downloads. With the Android release on the horizon, Nintendo are gearing up for a killing here. Considering the single star ratings the game is receiving, the release might happen soon, perhaps.

Under the circumstances, the game is a phenomenal hit. It’s in the news and it’s definitely in the swim of things. Nintendo cannot complain!

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